Scutum Mobile Security Meet the updated app to protect your device

The application is designed to give maximum protection to all users, minimizing the impact on the speed of the device, the amount of memory it consumes, and the impact on battery life.

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30-day money back guarantee

Basic Plan

What's included

  • Antivirus

  • Antitheft

  • Sim Protection

  • Safe Browser

  • Webcam Protection

  • Antiphishing

One year, one user

399 UAH


Built for everybody with unlimited unique features

Keeps your data protected, prevents malware intrusions, provides anti-theft features and keeps you safe with full peace of mind while surfing in the web with our browser.

Cam protect
Webcam Protection
The feature disables the access to Webcam for all applications in your device. This protects against unauthourised spying.
Constantly controls your device, scanning all applications passing through it and identifying the presence of viruses, spy-ware.
Scutum Browser
For more security, you or your children can use Scutum safe browser specially created for our users.
Photo taking
Photo Taking + MIC Capture
Accessing our web portal, you can take photos from the camera and record the audio from the microphone of your device.

Mobile life, mobile security

Today your entire life is stored on your smartphone and tablets: personal images, key identity data, bank details and much more. Do not let your mobile devices provide an open door to all of the threats and risks that are an everyday reality in cyberspace such as identity theft and online banking fraud.

Security & privacy while you are surfing or downloading apps
Information on the device, app behaviour and potentially malicious activity is monitored by Scutum to thwart data theft and keep your device safe.
Create web site blacklists
You can also create and manage a blacklist of website you want to be blocked, or choose among a list of categories suggested by the module.
Anti-phishing & Antivirus
Control all websites you visit and block access to those detected unsafe. The applications are constantly scanned to identify any presence of viruses and spy-ware.
Use our web portal to locate your device, there you will be shown on Google Maps the exact location also you can quickly lock your device or delete your personal data if it is missing or stolen.

How it works?

For start using our app, you should do a few simple steps:

Download the app

You can do it from Google Play or App Store using direct links on our website

Log In Account

Your mail and password which you will enter during the registration process you will be used as a login and password for entering into your account.

Create a PIN

It is necessary to avoid unauthorized use of your app.